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play with your problems

You are encouraged to play the game for a particular reason, but you can also start without being clear about your specific concern or desire. Once you start the game, you will know what aspects in your life the cards are talking to.

Asking yourself questions might be helpful:

  • What situation do I need clarity about?
  • Relationship, money, health, career, next steps, etc?
  • Play with any question that is alive in you right now.

The game invitation

Read the Game Invitation at the start of the game. It is helpful to read it again if you feel stuck or confused:

‘I choose to take the hand of my inner Guide and join with love.

With the help of my inner Guide, I am ready to look beyond any non-loving thoughts and experience that true about myself.

I allow myself to celebrate choosing miracles.

I allow myself to experience the power of choice.’


The game dynamics

There are 6 packs of cards in the game: Needs, Body, Miracle, Identity, Relationship and Choice. The Miracle cards are split into 2 packs, the number 3 and the number 6 packs. Each pack has 10 cards. When you tap on a card pack, a card is selected at random. If you have already got a card from a pack, then your next card will be selected randomly from the remaining cards.


You continue to roll the dice to get a new card until you roll a 3 or a 6 and get a Miracle Card. After a Miracle Card, the only option is to choose a Choice Card. The Choice Card is your last card in the game.


Tapping ‘My Cards’ will show you all the cards you have collected in the current game. This screen will be empty until you tap and select your first card.


You can stop or pause a game just by closing the app and then the game can be restarted by clicking the ‘Resume Game’ on the home screen. If you don’t restart the unfinished game but instead start a new game, then the unfinished game will be deleted. The app can only operate one game at a time so the unfinished game needs to be deleted so that a new game can start.


Clicking ‘Save Cards’ on the Choice page will end the game and the ‘My Cards’ screen for that game will be filed by date and time. You can look at the cards for past games by tapping the ‘Saved Cards’ button on home screen.



Help with card insights

If the card messages do not bring clear insights that help with your reason for playing the game, the following general comments might help. Specific card help is available by tapping on the ‘?→Gigi’ button below each card. If you need more assistance, please see ‘More Information’ in the drop down menu.


Needs, Body, Identity and Relationship cards

The Needs, Body, Identity and Relationship cards have a Miracle Choice section that comes after an unnamed first section.

The first section is often a description of our imperfect human experience. We have often identified with that experience without seeing that there is a possibility of another experience.

The Miracle Choice section introduces a choice of how to see the first section differently. The Miracle Choice may also help you recognise with compassion that your experience in the first section was a result of a choice, and you are not simply the victim of your experience.

The purpose of this section is to help you transform the thought or idea in the first part of the card message if it is an unloving thought for you.

You will experience a transformation if you identify in some way with the first part of the card. If you don’t resonate completely with the first part, try to find a phrase or a word that speaks to you about something that is not working in your life. The miracle in the Miracle Choice section can then transform your negative experience. 

Any time you feel lost, it is helpful to remember the reason why you are playing the game. Your reason for playing the game is displayed at the top of most of the screens. The more specific and honest you are about the reason for playing the game, the more the game can help you.

Miracle Cards

If you feel you need help with a Miracle Card, it may be because you do not immediately feel and enjoy the miracle that the card message brings.

To celebrate the miracle, accept that you have already experienced this miracle in your life or else you would not have got the card in the game.

Then try to remember a specific situation in which you experienced the miracle and allow yourself to feel that miracle energy now in the game.

Finally, feel into how your reason for playing the game would change if you could bring that miracle perception into it.

Choice Card

If you are needing help with the Choice Card, it may be because you are thinking too much: trying to get insights by understanding the words in the message. Often the deep insights in the game come without thinking or trying to understand the message of the cards. Read the Game Invitation again and take a quiet moment to see what message the card has for you.



Questions and Answers

Is this game fun?

The game is fun in the sense that you get to laugh at yourself in a positive, rather than in a negative way. You smile at your concerns and problems because you discover another way of seeing them. You giggle at how ‘stupid’ you are or hard you are on yourself, but you do it without judging yourself. That’s part of the fun and there is also the enjoyment that comes with surprises, synchronicity and connecting with yourself in a new way.


What happens if I keep getting the same card in different games?

Different transformations and insights can be stimulated by the same card message on different occasions and with different reasons for playing the game.  Alternatively, the same card coming up again and again may hold an important insight for you that is still unconscious. Ask your inner Guide about this.


If I am unsatisfied with the result of playing a game, can I immediately play another?

It is recommended to leave at least a day in between one game and another so that insights can come when you are not wanting or expecting them. If you are experiencing anxiety and stress in relation to your reason for playing the game, then you may be resisting insights. If so, you may want to seek professional support and help.


Does it mean anything specific if I only get two cards in the game?

You may complete the game with a Miracle and a Choice Card. This may mean that your reason for playing the game was easy to shift or a “light” one. In fact, there is no one conclusion (or any conclusion!) that can always be reached if you finish the game with two cards.


Can I play this game with friends?

Yes, you can use both the physical Board Game and Pocket Game with your friends. The game adapts to going deep or staying on a more superficial/fun level. Only one caution – do not drag anyone along to play the game! Please only invite friends or family who want to play the game.


Is the game about solving problems?

You bring a specific problem, challenge, issue, or desire to the game. All players experience a solution to their problem during the game (or you get your money back!). The solution may come in an unusual way. The problem may be solved on a level you didn’t expect. You may discover, while playing, that you have a different problem, or a deeper problem and it is that problem that gets resolved.


Can the game solve any problem?

The game is famous around the world for somehow coming up with an answer to the question that is in the heart of the player. However, a player can resist the answer if they are not ready for it. The more open you are to the unknown, to something different, the more you will experience how radical the game is!


Can I use this game professionally to help others without any training?

We highly recommend the Miracle Choice Coach Training to become certified to use the Board Game and Pocket Game with your clients. The training is not just for coaches but also for therapists, healers, group leaders, trainers or anyone who is in the role of helping others. The training is not just about discovering how to use the cards in the best way, but also how you in your professional role can use the game to stay connected to your inner wisdom and support your client to do the same.



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